Black finish

Why a Thompson Pools black finish? The black finish takes advantage of those long summer days by converting the light and making the water temperature about 4 degrees warmer. This takes advantage of the simple properties of optics and colour. We see colour according to the different wavelengths materials absorb or reflect. In the case of black bottom swimming pools, the finish absorbs all wavelengths, unlike white materials that reflect all wavelengths. This simple change in colour makes all the difference in the conduction of heat, as black bottom swimming pools store more heat from the sun than any other colour of finish.


White Marble finish

Marble Plaster is widely used, residentially, as an interior pool finish, and brings out the amazing blues and clarity you are looking for in your swimming pool. If you ever wondered how it feels like to swim in some of the world’s most luxurious swimming pools, then having a marble plaster swimming pool installed may just be the most rewarding home investment you will make.


Quartzon finish

Thompson Pools has collaborated with Australia’s River Sands Pty. Ltd. to bring Quartzon pool finishes to swimming pools across Waikato. With Thompson Pools’ selection of Quartzon pool renders, your new home feature can have the ‘personality’ your home needs. Quartzon pool finishes use a specialised, fade-resistant iron oxide pigment to ensure your swimming pool will retain its brilliant colour for many years to come. Below are the seven colour options River Sands currently offers, as well as the style they project when finally working with water and light.

Ice Blue offers a simpler summer swimming pool look.

Sky Bay improves upon it by introducing greater texture.

Pacific Star is perfect for those looking to have a darker pool with better heat absorption

Royal Blue disperses light in a way that achieves exactly as its designation states.

Graphite makes for a more natural, craggier option for swimming pools intended to pair with a lush garden.

Santorini, as its name suggests, mimics the beauty of the Aegean island, down to the whitewashed architecture and bright blue accents.

White Beach serves as a minimalist’s dream, creating bright water and an elegant swimming experience.