White Marble Finished Swimming Pools

Project Description

Marble Plaster is widely used, residentially, as an interior pool finish, and brings out the amazing blues and clarity you are looking for in your swimming pool. If you ever wondered how it feels like to swim in some of the world’s most luxurious swimming pools, then having a marble plaster swimming pool installed may just be the most rewarding home investment you will make.

Not only will you get the quality of work Thompson Pools has become renowned for in its 40+ years of service, but every swimmer in your new marble swimming pool will also feel the exuberant luxury of taking a dip in the crystal waters of places like Seychelles or Santorini. Imagine seeing how the water shimmers each time you look down or take a dive in to it. A marble swimming pool will lend this exact level beauty to your home.

Project Details

  • Client: Mr & Mrs Smith
  • Status: Finish in March, 2015
  • Design: Thompson Pools Black Finish
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A Luxurious Solution

Our marble plaster swimming pools are composed of a mix of Omnicarb, white cement and pool dust and can be one in white or grey. Created by Omni Plastics, this thermoplastic polymer strikes the perfect balance between strength and style. Thompson Pools’ Omnicarb compounds boast very high impact resistance (to prolong the lifespan of your swimming pool), temperature resistance (to increase energy efficiency), and light transmission properties (make your water appear clearer and sparkle in the light). It is available in two colours and other additional design options.

Premium Options

The grey Omnicarb brings a greenish natural look to the pool water and is very suitable for a vibrant swimming pool design. Choosing the grey marble plaster will create a fuller look as it disperses sunlight in a way that generates rainbow streaks under optimal conditions. This dispersion effect creates a more gem-like feel to a swimming pool’s water, and makes for a very impressive display when not in use.

The white marble plaster brings a sharp blue clarity to the water and creates an inviting display for residents and pool users. This is the minimalist option: creating greater possibilities to enhance the luxurious feel of your backyard. Paired with the proper landscaping and water features, a white marble plaster pool will truly accentuate your pool and bring out its best for everyone to see.

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