Pool Restoration Services

Project Description

If you’ve had a pool for years, you may have noticed how time brought a few problems to it. Your pool may have had cracks, blisters or discoloration—all resulting from the combination of usage and outdated building materials.

Fortunately, Thompson Pools offers a simple way of regaining the appearance and integrity of your pool and receiving updated, longer-lasting materials in the process.

Project Details

  • Client: iThemesLab
  • Status: Finish on 30 Dec, 2013
  • Skills: creative, web design
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Restored to Last

Whilst it is entirely possible to take the DIY approach when fixing or restoring your pool, especially when dealing with minor issues, older and more dilapidated swimming pools need a professional approach if they are ever to receive quality restoration. Aside from Thompson Pools’ renowned pool building services, you can trust us to provide pool maintenance & restoration services that will make your pool look and function as good as new.

Pool restoration is a significant undertaking, and we see to it that the process we adopt conforms to Waikato’s building standards and city planning guidelines. We only restore pools that still function properly, not those that age has prevented from ever holding and draining water again. In those cases, Thompson Pools can assist homeowners in creating another pool elsewhere on their property whilst filling up and covering the old one.