Full Landscaping Services

Project Description

The Pool of your dreams is within your reach. You just need to find the perfect landscaping to complement the look you want. Why look around for two different businesses to do your pool & your landscaping when Thompson Pools can do it all! Complete your backyard with Thompson Pools’ landscaping services today.

Growing Progress

In our more than four decades of service, Thompson Pools has learnt that the appearance of a swimming pool’s surroundings is just as important as the appearance of the pool itself. This is why we in addition to being experts in pool construction, we also offer landscaping services for customers to achieve their desired look to complement their perfect pool.

As more and more homeowners decide to add swimming pools to their properties, we saw an opportunity to provide a more holistic service by eliminating the need to find a separate landscaping company. Best of all, Thompson Pools’ team of engineers, builders and designers know the exact landscaping styles that match the particular pool designs we offer.

Be it a classic, kidney-shaped pool or a rectangular-shaped, sports-friendly design, Thompson Pools knows how to elevate the appearance of your new home investment. No matter the style or colour of your swimming pool, you can trust our company to approach the landscaping needs of your backyard with detailing tailor-made for you and your home.