Classic Swimming Pool Designs

Kidney Shape Design Finished in Thompson Pools Black

Project Description

If you peeked over the fence of every home that has a swimming pool, you will notice that quite a few sport a kidney-shaped pool. The reason is simple: kidney-shaped pools soft, retro look is appropriate for a variety of architectural styles.

Many pool designers use this pool shape as a foundation from which to build more elaborate structures. No matter the building material, they will add accents like natural coping, glass tile, colorful plaster, or a textured finish to customize the project for your property.

Project Details

  • Client: Mr & Mrs Smith
  • Status: Finish in March, 2015
  • Design: Classic kidney shape
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Classics exist for a reason, and when it comes to backyard swimming pools, no other design comes close to the inviting allure of kidney swimming pools. Their simple, playful shape makes them the most versatile choice for many households. Their sizes and depths cater to both children and adults alike.

Built as Intended

Mimicking the appearance of many natural bodies of water, classic swimming pools are another great choice in creating your own backyard oasis. With Thompson Pools’ skill and experience in designing and installing these timeless swimming pools, you are sure to get the design that matches the contours of your area and seamlessly occupies an otherwise empty backyard space.

A classic backyard pool design, kidney-shaped swimming pools will never go out of style. This is very important for homeowners who plan to entertain guests and conduct pool parties of their own, as the inviting curves of a classic pool creates a friendly atmosphere that can help liven up the party.

Pools Done Right

You can trust Thompson Pools to be very thorough we install a range of kidney shaped & classic swimming pool designs to the suit owner’s needs. Our team of engineers and builders will coordinate with you in every step of the way, and will see to it that the finished swimming pool not only looks impeccable, but works as a functional long-term investment as well.

Thompson Pools understands how crucial it is for a household to get swimming pool installations right the first time. This is why we always approach every building request with a keen eye. Things such as soil compaction and existing underground lines can jeopardize the installation of even the most well designed swimming pool. With the help of Thompson Pools, you can rest easy knowing that your pool will be exactly the way you want it. For more information or to get a quote from one of our specialists, contact the team at Thompson Pools today.

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