Black Bottom Swimming Pools

Thompson Pools Unique Black Finish

Project Description

Why a Thompson Pools black finish? The black finish takes advantage of those long summer days by converting the light and making the water temperature about 4 degrees warmer - thus adding time onto the swimming season. This takes advantage of the simple properties of optics and colour. We see colour according to the different wavelengths materials absorb or reflect. In the case of black bottom swimming pools, the finish absorbs all wavelengths, unlike white materials that reflect all wavelengths. This simple change in colour makes all the difference in the conduction of heat, as black bottom swimming pools store more heat from the sun than any other colour of finish.

Project Details

  • Client: Mr & Mrs Smith
  • Status: Finish in March, 2015
  • Design: Thompson Pools Black Finish
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Better in Black

A pool purchase is often based solely on the “look” of owning a pool. A dark colored pool may convey or give a feeling of luxurious, deeper water, as in an ocean or a lake. This makes black bottom pools a perfect choice for any outdoor pool whatever the size or shape of your swimming pools. Paired with a high-end landscaping style and luxurious water features, a black bottom swimming pool finish can complete your ideal look or theme.

A Practical Choice

Not only that but the black bottom pool will hide the dirt, sand, and debris on the pool floor much better than lighter colored pool. In fact, the lighter colours can magnify this stuff even more than a dark bottom pool. Of course, Thompson Pools advise every homeowner to keep his or her swimming pool clean, but in those times when dirt, sand, or any type of debris are unavoidable, it truly helps to have a swimming pool finish that can retain an inviting appearance throughout particularly populated days.

Our black bottom swimming pools make for the most elegant colour choices out there. With a simple change of colour, your home’s swimming pool can appear deeper and more luxurious, as well as stay warmer longer. Trust Thompsons Pools to deliver results that never disappoint—both in appearance and in functionality. Contact our team for a quote today.

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