Swimming Pool Builders in Waikato

Thompson Pools are the swimming pool builders Waikato homeowners can trust to build them the pool of their dreams. Since 1969, we have been helping customers create the swimming pools of their dreams. We uphold that commitment to this day through our ever-improving suite of swimming pool building services, creating marvels of design and engineering right in your own backyard.

No One Else’s But Yours

Unless you want a sports regulation type pool in your home, which we can also design, you will likely want a pool that is as unique as can be, or at least as satisfying to look at and swim in. With Thompson Pools’ array of designs, you will always have a range of options to choose from when it comes to the type and style of pool you want. As long as it conforms to the appropriate engineering standards, our Waikato pool builders will gladly design and install the swimming pool of your dreams. From classic swimming pool designs to the most extravagant styles, Thompson Pools has the skills and experience necessary to make your dream swimming pool come to life. We also offer an array of pool enhancement services, such as landscaping and water features that will ensure that your backyard’s aquatic gem is complete in both form and function.

Browse through our site to learn more about the selection of services our Waikato swimming pool builders provide. Below are images of the most recent pools we have built. Also, read on for the latest in the swimming pool building industry and for testimonials from our customers.

This is Our Latest Work

Classic shapes are popular, some with square or cathedral ends and varying configurations of entry steps and larger steps with shallow areas in which children can play safely.
Any realistic shapes and any size is possible as long as the site engineering report is satisfactory.

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